My New Allergy Medicine is Messing With Me

It not only knocks me out totally and completely for the night, but it gives me some messed up dreams.  Today, I was dreaming that my ears were bleeding.  Yet this caused no concern on my “friend’s” part.  And or course, I don’t this had anything to do with the earlier part of the dream where I was in India getting ready to take a cruise (huh?) but spending all my time wandering around taking pictures.  Again, all with some “friend” that I don’t recognize.

And all of this is since I started the new allergy meds (something called Xyzal along with some inhaler thing called Patanase).  Funny thing, all that itching last week, all that torture, even more torture during the prick test and well, nothing showed up as causing an allergic reaction.  Well, nothing except the histamine reaction showing that I indeed was having a reaction to something. Now we just wait on the blood results and hope I don’t have to do the prick test all over again.

1 thought on “My New Allergy Medicine is Messing With Me

  1. brie

    Ugh, allergies are the worst especially when you don’t know what you’re allergic to. I’ve my fairshare of mystery hives, so I empathize with you. I hope the blood tests turn up something and things start being less scratchy for you.

    bries last blog post..Morning laffs

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