One of My Favorite Things About the Fall…

Spa Week baby!  It’s the coolest thing, you can any treatment from botox to a massage to a facial or body scrub all for $50!!!  It’s a great way to check out a spa to decide if it’s one you might want to go back to later. There seems to be less spas participating this fall, compared to last spring, but there’s still a good amount in both LA and the OC.

If you’re in the LA area, I can’t recommend Skin Haven enough.  I had the herbology scrub there last Spa Week and it was divine!  Tell them I sent ya.

All I need now is a pumpkin spice latte and I’ll be a happy gal.  Well, that and maybe some cooler weather.


Sommer Designs

And now, completely unrelated to the fall (kinda – “end of summer” means fall, right?)…a good friend and fellow LWLer, Sommer Designs is celebrating the end of summer by giving away this bee-you-tee-ful apron.  Just go here and leave her a comment letting her know just how talented she is (kidding, though she is talented).  Good luck!

3 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Things About the Fall…

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Jax – what do you think a press pass would do for you?  More spa visits?  Could you imagine spending the day going from spa to spa, treatment to treatment….ahhhh, heavenly.

    Katelin – you should check the list for a place doing facials.  A $50 facial is much nicer than an $80 facial!!!

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