How I Spent My Labor Day Weekend

Did I hang out at the beach?  No, but I did go to the Pier at Huntington Beach for dinner with an old friend one night.  We didn’t quite make it to the beach, though I could see the waves break through the windows and got to smell the bonfires as we drove down PCH.

Did I focus on work like some focused folks I know?  No.  In fact, I’ve been trying to log into my shopping cart system all damn weekend so I could get something set up, but for the life of me, I can’t log in.  And of course they’re not open today.

Did I clean house or at least get some clothes together to donate as part of my 29 Gifts?  No, but I have been pretty consistent in giving this weekend.  Even if I have’t been consistent in compiling my too big clothes and older kitchen wares to give away.

What I did do was shop.  Both online and in person.  If I wasn’t at a store, then I was online.  I was hoping to find stuff for Ireland, but nothing long-sleeved or winter wearable are in the stores just yet. I’m thinking the winter stuff will be in the stores shortly.  Luckily since I lived in NM, I honestly don’t really need anything but waterproof shoes and a waterproof coat (the sweaters are still boxed away).  The hub, well he’s another story; along with needing shoes and a coat, he also needs shirts and sweaters and probably a decent pair of gloves come to think of it (native Los Angelino that he is).

And when I wasn’t out and about shopping, I was listening to the news.  Except for forays to the Weather Channel for Gustav updates during commercial breaks, I don’t think our TV has been off CNN since the DNC last week.  And while I was listening to the news, if i wasn’t shopping, I was poking around trying to find a B&B in Galway city centre (or at least a walkable distance from the Centre so we won’t need to deal with parking our car while shopping and partaking of the pub life).  Anyone have a suggestion there?

I can’t say it’s been the most exciting weekend, but hey, it’s been relaxing for the most part.  And I’ve definately enjoyed the time spent with friends.

So how was your Labor Day weekend?  Anything exciting?

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