Sometimes You Just Need to Know When to Call it Quits

I’ve been focusing so much on expanding my business and taking it to the next level, that I’ve just been devouring every ebook and teleseminar that I’ve come across.  At the same time, a couple of folks have decided that the Aug/Sept time frame is the PERFECT time for back to back to back teleseminars.

Enough is enough. While I appreciate all the information, I think it’s time that I take a break and just focus on the tools that I already have.  There’s such a thing as information overload and it seems to be coming up my path.  I don’t want to fizzle out before I completely get going.

So as amazing as these many, many teleseminars, books and ebooks are, I think I just need to walk away for a bit.  Maybe that’s the message behind overbooking myself with three teleseminars all scheduled for the same time, same day and then falling asleep in the middle of the one I chose to listen to.

I have no doubt that I’ll continue to get the right information for me, as it’s needed – and I’ll continue to share this info with my friends. But for now…I’m on a break.  If I need a little procrastination help, there’s always the upcoming Ireland trip 😉

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Need to Know When to Call it Quits

  1. Karin Manske

    Sounds familiar 🙂
    I have been enjoying your posts, thank you for sharing your life! You rarely write about your business, what is it that you do?

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    Hi Karin.  Thanks for stopping by and outing yourself so to speak (I love to hear from new readers or long time readers that want to finally say hello).

    As for my business, I really don’t talk about it all that much in specifics due to some, um, oddness in my not so recent past (I think I’ve addressed this in my About Me page).  For the most part, I do business consulting for small business and solopreneurs and I run a online community and blog geared towards women in their mid-20’s to early 40’s (give or take).

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