Pinkberry Event: Calling My LA Peeps*

Apparently, I know more people than I realized I knew.  Not only was I invited to all that MTV VMA stuff as a blogger, but my blogging also got me an interview (asking about my “freelancing”), and now, I’m invited to a special Pinkberry blogging event (thanks for the invite Tara!).

Man, blogging is good and offers some pretty cool rewards.  Maybe I should start doing some beauty and spa blogging 😉

Any local folks care to join me at this event?  Rumor has it they’ll not only will they have a DJ spinning and happy times mingling going on, but you’ll also get to taste the newest flavor.  Did I mention the goody bag? Sound pretty exciting if you ask me.

Care to come along?? It’s Tue. Sep. 9, 2008 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM

*did I seriously just say PEEPS???

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