Special Report or Blogging Tip of the Day?

So I finally got around to writing my “special report” to use on my biz site.  I love how I fought myself for hours days weeks months, yet when it comes down to it, I was able to write it up in under an hour (if you rule out twitter and blogging breaks and well, all sorts of procrastination shenanigans in general).

I even managed to avoid writing it to take a break from writing this up to actually write and submit an article on some things I learned about being a solopreneur in response to a pitch.  Go figure.  I’m actually avoiding writing, by well, writing – did I mention that this is a pre-dated post that I wrote while avoiding writing my other stuff?

Anyway (or as they say in Jersey, anyways…).  The more that I think of it, the more I think that it (the first, original article I was writing this post about) might work better as a tip of the day or audio clip sort of thing.  I have seven tips, so I can easily break it out over 7 days.  Or I could add three more tips and it could be a two week e-course sort of thing.

Which would you be more interested in receiving a bonus…a 3-5 page “special report” on x# of ways to improve your blogging, a 5-7day, tip-of-the-day sort of email (audio? email?), or a 10 day e-course in either audio or email format?

And just because I think it bears repeating…please keep in mind, this is my personal blog and I do not practice what I preach.  It’s just for me, not for business.

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