Throw it Overboard & See if it Can Swim: Squeeze @ the Orpheum

Killer show.  Killer Seats.  Of course, not having even looked at the tickets, I didn’t realize how good they were, so I didn’t bring my camera.  At least this time around I had my own blackberry handy to take a couple of (crappy) pictures.

The show itself was incredible.  I don’t know when I last went to a concert where I danced so much.  This was the kind of show that reminded you why you used to go to concerts back when you were younger.  The energy of the crowd was great and everyone was up singing and dancing.  Just awesome!

Squeeze @ The Orpheum 9.10.08

Squeeze @ The Orpheum 9.10.08

Next concert, whenever that may be, I’ll have better photos.  We finally ordered my camera upgrade and we should be getting it shortly.  It should actually have some low light, image stableization abilities which will be great for shooting during shows (with a basic point & shoot).  Can’t wait.

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