What’s It Worth To Ya?

My bloggie-twitter friend Karen over at Verbatim wrote this great post forever-ago on what she feels it’s worth spending money and what isn’t in her life. I thought it makes a great topic.  As I’m planning a pretty big expense with our upcoming trip, I’m starting to give serious thought to each and every purchase right now.

For example, I plan on forgoing my hair appointment, opting to dye it myself (my hair stylist won’t be too pleased) because the dog also needs to get groomed.  I just can’t see spending the money on both of us at the same time – especially since I just bought that damn collar for him.

Another example, even though it’s spa week this week, I just can’t bring myself to splurge on a facial for $50.  My skin has still not completely cleared up and I see the derm in a week or so (I think, well it’s soon anyway), so it’s almost a waste of money when I’ll just have to pay to visit him and possibly buy more meds.

Final example…pedicures.  I love me some pedicures.  Thing is, I love me the all out, deluxe pedicures and well, they cost quite a bit more.  So to make this expense more bearable, I tend to do my own toes every other time.  This way I’m only forking over the big bucks half the time.

What Do I Splurge On

  • good sheets – but I always try to get them on sale
  • good foundation – it really makes a difference in how it looks, feels and lasts
  • good eyeliner – again, it makes a difference
  • good lipstick – see above
  • nice purse – I love expensive pretty purses, but I restrain myself to 1 purchase every 1-3 years
  • computer & electronics – we’re a Mac house and we love it
  • hair products – I know what I like and I know what works for my curly hair and it’s not the drugstore stuff
  • tea – I absolutely love tea and can definitely taste the difference between quality loose tea and bagged stuff from the grocery store
  • shoes – I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes, paying more for something, like shoes, just pays off in the end (and no, I’m not talking talking Manolos here, just definitely not Payless or Target)

What I Won’t Splurge On

  • clothes – I just can’t bring myself to spend more than $30 for a pair of jeans
  • mascara – I rarely wear makeup and well you need to toss the mascara every 2-3 months so it’s just not worth it
  • books – while I love books, I try to always check the library and used bookstores first before buying
  • music – we get a lot of promo and advance copies, so I don’t think I’ve bought a full album in ages
  • movies – we don’t go out to the movies much and when we do we either hit the matinee, the discount theater or use a voucher or coupon.  We also rent through Netflix
  • car – I admit it, I love my Hyundai.  It looks good, it drives well and it does everything I need a car to do for a fraction of the cost.  Mind you, I’ve craved an Audi since I was a teen, but I just can’t really see me ever paying those prices for one.

These lists are by no means conclusive.  Some things, like travel and food fall into both categories – for example, I don’t have a problem with more store-brand foodstuffs and can just as easily stay someplace  budget over some place luxe…it just depends.

So what are some of the things you’re willing to splurge on?

6 thoughts on “What’s It Worth To Ya?

  1. Michelle

    DO splurge on:
    Chocolate – and by splurge I don’t mean I need to have the most expensive stuff, it just means that I am willing to pay the shipping cost of getting chocolate sent to me from Great Britain if I can’t find authentic Cadbury’s over here. And by authentic, I mean made in Great Britain, NOT New Jersey, with a Cadbury’s label thrown on it. I CAN TASTE THE DIFFERENCE, NEW JERSEY.

    Jeans – I do tend to splurge on these when I’m at my ideal weight. Jeans shopping for me is actually more difficult when I’m at my favorite size than it is right now. The way I look now, the stuff at Wal-Mart fits just fine, but when I’m skinny, I can spend 4 hours trying on jeans and not find anything that works for me. So I will spend the extra bucks on the Calvin Kleins just because it eliminates the hassle and headache of department store dressing rooms. Sometimes, when you know what works, it’s really worth it to stick with it, cost be damned.

    Purse. The ones I really like tend to be very expensive, too, but then again, purses that I actually like are few and far between. I don’t buy the latest “it” bag every season. I bought a purse this Spring that was on sale, and before that one, the last handbag I bought was in 2004 or 2005, I think. I try to keep it at or under $100, though, more than that is too much. (Boyfriend would appreciate it if I would keep it under $40 – if he’s got some great source for inexpensive, yet awesome handbags, I’d REALLY like to know it!)

    Camera stuff – it’s an expensive hobby, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

    DON’T splurge on:
    Car. It’s not really worth it. If it’s reliable and can get me from point A to point B, has air conditioning, and some kind of working music player, then that’s what I’ll drive. I don’t care.

    I’m sure I could come up with lots more stuff, but I’ve got to leave for a baby shower now.

    Oh yeah, don’t splurge too much on baby stuff. Clothes, for example – they outgrow everything so daggone fast, you can go to consignment stores or ebay or friends or whatever, and get used stuff that is in brand new condition because baby clothes just do not get worn out until many babies have worn them.

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  2. LA Blogger Gal

    Michelle – I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about with the US Cadbury (made by Hershey bleck!).  I’ve learned that it’s not worth getting US made chocolate any more since the European stuff is so, so, so much better.  You can find the UK Cadbury’s at Cost Plus if you have one nearby.  Otherwise, Trader Joe’s has some good chocolates.

    I agree, if the boyfriend can find a good bag for less than $40 then sign me up.  I don’t think one exisits unless you’re getting a killer clearance with coupon at Macys and well, that’s not a guarantee.

    And you better believe that while in Ireland I’ll be bringing home some tea, some chocolate and some whiskey (and I don’t even drink whiskey!)

  3. sizzle

    My mom encourages me to spend more money on shoes and yet, I usually buy them at Ross, Target,  Zappos or Payless. It is rare I will pay a lot for purses or accessories or shoes. Clothes too but I am starting to see the benefit to investing in some key classic pieces of work clothes. I just keep thinking I will lose weight and so I don’t want to “waste” money. Yeah, I think after being overweight for most of my life it’s time to just invest in the clothes!

    I would rather splurge on experiences than on material things.

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  4. Robin

    My downfall is books. Seriously, it’s a sickness. I’ve got so many books in my TBR pile and yet I keep buying more. Barnes & Noble is my favorite store.

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