I’m an 8-Hour Kinda Gal

I’m talking about sleep here…and any less than that and I’m just useless.  Thing is, I’ve gotten so used to going to bed late to spend time with the hubs (and to get those Irish B&B responses first thing in their morning) I can’t always get my 8 hours in.

Take today for example.  I had a SCORE event to attend downtown at the LA Athletic Club.  Basically, it was the CEO of See’s chocolates speaking about his successes in business with a bunch of Warren Buffet quotes thrown in for value.  The presentation itself didn’t really do all that much for me, but I did enjoy the Warren Buffet quotes.  I figure I can put them to good use in an upcoming article or newsletter piece.  And well, it’s See’s, so we did get some candy.

But now, I’m exhausted.  The kind of xhausted where it hurts to even keep my eyes open.  Must have something to do with the tossing and turning from midnight to 3:00 and not really falling asleep until after the hubs came to bed around 3:30am.  Five hours just doesn’t cut it.

Times like this it reminds me that moms are amazing creatures.  They can go days, weeks, months, hell, years without a decent night sleep and survive just fine.  Me, I’m a miserable, whiney wreck that can barely function.  Which of course reminds me yet again why we’re child-free – LOL

Off to nap a bit.  Catch you all later where I’ll be well-rested and all ready to wow myself with my amazing copy-writing skills!  It could happen.

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