He Seems to be Doing Fine

I just got off the phone with my dad.  There’s still no confirmation or ruling out that he had another stroke.  But I can hear in his voice that it’s a little slurry.  He doesn’t know all too much about what happened before he got to the hospital and he doesn’t seem to know much about his current status.   He said that he may go home tomorrow, but since he’s yet to have his MRI, I doubt they’d send him home without a before and after MRI (unless they’e want him out ASAP since he’s on Medicare).

I reminded him to ask his nurses to help him to get me on his HIPPA clearance and he said he’d talk to them about it.  Though his last nurses said it wasn’t important and didn’t do it last time claiming that he told them who I was and to talk to me.  Worse case, I’ll ask his neighbor to help him with that once he gets home.  I’m also thinking that I’ll laminate a card that says “in case of emergency, please call my name & info” and mention that they have permission to call and release info.

I’m wondering when and if I should head out there.  It’s not just the time and expense, it’s also the fact that I can’t actually stay at his place (it gives me horrific sinus infections).  And this time around, he doesn’t need me to set anything up short of making some legal documents.  I had planned to head out there in December.

Man, taking care of aging parents long distance is tough work.

In the meantime, I’m canceling my upcoming workshop.  I haven’t yet sent out any advertising or solicitation for it, and well, since it’s in 2 weeks there’s no way of knowing I won’t have to fly back east.  I’d hate to have to cancel and deal with refunds while I was working on taking care of him.  Just too much of a hassle right now.

Until then, I’m off to do laundry and not much else.  I just don’t want to have to wrap my brain around something else right now.  I think today calls for a chick flick!

3 thoughts on “He Seems to be Doing Fine

  1. Miss Attitude

    I’m sorry to hear about your dad.  Let’s hope he gets better quickly.  A chick flick is definitely in order to take your mind off of things.  I watched Pretty Woman the other night as a distraction.. it helped.

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