This Post Isn’t About Fathers, Family or Strokes

Apparently, discussing family medical issues is not such the hot topic…my visits are way, way down since I’ve been blogging about this.  Guess I should find something else to talk about 😉

So here we go, totally unrelated to fathers, strokes or even families…how ’bout some random thoughts?

* I sat down today to watch the Coco Chanel story on Lifetime.  Can’t say it was all that exciting.  I’d have expected much more out of a 3 hour movie.  I will say that now I’m quite curious about what her life was really like.  I think I’ll be checking out a biography on her.

* I love minestrone soup and Progresso makes a damn fine one.  Unfortunately, they either don’t sell all too well at my local Pavillions, or they sell out on a regular basis.  Either way, they  never have any in stock.  The other day I found some cans, but they were 50% less sodium.  Man, that stuff tastes like shit.  Even when you add back the missing salt, it still tastes like crap.  Not cool.

* I should’ve spent today confirming my Ireland reservations.  Instead, I watched the stupid Coco story and took a very long, very uncomfortable nap.  The kind of nap that you only half-slept through, all while having funky dreams and fighting to open your eyes.  Very uncomfortable indeed.

* I still haven’t slip covered the couch because I need the hubs to help me move the couch so I can get behind it.  And well, if I’m going to move it far enough away from the wall to get behind it, then I may as well vacuum while I’m back there.  So of course, I can’t do that late at night once the hubs gets home, when it’s cooler.

* Next weekend I have an invitation to my friend’s Baptism (and possibly the baby’s 1st birthday as well) and book club all three hours apart.  Now, in theory, this is doable.  But, travel time alone (assuming no traffic and well, in LA, that’s never a guarantee) is two hours.  So now I have to figure out how best to handle this.  There is a brunch prior to the actual service, but we were hoping on skipping that since it’s so early.  Now, we just might have to do the brunch instead of the service.

* I want an iPod.  I have a Shuffle, and it works just fine for going to the gym since I make playlists to work out to.  But it sucks on airplanes because you can’t see what you’re listening to and you don’t know what’s next.  Not nearly as convenient. So now I’m thinking that I’d like a new iPod in time for Ireland.  Any idea how to justify this as a business expense?

* I have a small biz meetup tonight.  I’m actually looking forward to it since there will be someone there from Constant Contact. I figure I’ll grab a card and pass it along to the LWL group and maybe they can speak at one of our events (or at least at one of the OC events since they couldn’t come up and get in on tonight’s opportunity).  I have no idea what to wear.  It’s late enough (7:30) that there’s no need to look biz-like.  But really, I’m not in the mood to do the whole hair, make-up and wardobe thing…must be that awful nap.

* I’m refusing to buy any more shampoo, conditioner, soap or lotion, until I finish up the bags and bags of the travel size products I’ve either purchased or taken from hotels. Of course, I’m not liking any of the conditioners, so I might still need to keep some good conditioner, like some Terax Crema, on hand.

* I need to tighten the screws on my chair.  I don’t know where my little, handy phillips thinga-majiggy is.  I think the hubs borrowed it and never gave it back.

* I dyed my hair myself last night to save some money.  Big mistake.  It’s now too dark. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken Pamela Anderson’s advice and left the crap on my head for 45 minutes.  Face it, she’s a platinum blonde, what does she know?!?!  But hey, I did a decent job of cleaning up the rug…you can barely see my drop spots.

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