A Pacemaker, Are You Kidding Me?

I called my dad today and he proceeded to tell me that just today his heart stopped twice!  What?!?!  No, he  didn’t need to be recucitated, he was awake and aware during all of it.  Turns out th meds may have slowed his heartbeat down too much. So now, there’s talk that he needs a pacemaker.

I’m fine with that.  No big deal.  But um, just whose idea was that?  I mean, he’s a 64 year-old, obese man in shitty health with NO money.  I mean all his medical bills and day to day living expenses are covered by Medicaid, Social Services and what I’m able to send him from time to time. Seems like a pretty silly and expensive procedure to go through when he’s in such poor health and there’s no one to foot the bill, so to speak.

Oh well, I’m just be happy that he’s getting good treatment and will live a longer, healthier life. Or more to the point, that he’s give the chance to do something with the new lease on lifethat they’re giving him.  So now it’s looking like he probably won’t be going home until Tuesday the earliest. So we’re off to a good start and now we basically know what’s going on.

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