My Dad is Home and Settled In

He just called me a few minutes ago.  He’s home and all settled (his dog is SO happy to see him).  Of course, without a car and much money and a whole lot of follow up appointments he’s a little concerned with follow up (I’ve already sent him buckets of money and yes, it’s already gone…and spent on things he wasn’t supposed to spend it on – don’t ask!)

But he’s home and that’s good.

Hopefully now I’ll get my focus back and be able to get back in the groove now.  Better still, I sure hope my face finally clears up.  I’m so over those zits.

Did you know that the southeast has a shortage of gas thanks to Hurricane Ike?  He said that the deliveries are really slowed down and it takes a while (and some drivng around) to find someone with non-premium gas.  Very odd.

2 thoughts on “My Dad is Home and Settled In

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Thanks!  I feel so much better. And yeah, I could do without the guilt games about his lack of funds, but whatever. 

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