I’ll Cry At Darn Near Anything

La Brea Tar Pits

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No really. I’ll cry while reading a good book, watching a good movie (I Am Sam leaves me crying my eyes out), and well, embarrassingly enough, I’ll even tear up during some commercials (did you ever see those old Mastercard commercials where the dog, Badger gets lost on vacation? I rest my case).

I have to say though, one thing that will get me crying without even trying is this statue at the La Brea Tar Pits. No really, even just talking about it makes me start. Heck, looking for this picture makes me start tearing up. I mean look at that image…the mama is stuck in the tar pits and she’s crying out to the dad and the baby. The baby is freaking out. It’s just so sad, it kills me.

Last night, over dinner with the girls, I was talking about the statue and yes, you guessed it I started crying. Not just tearing, but crying. The ladies just sat there and stared while I laughed through my tears. Then again, once I got home to tell the hubs about the tears, I started tearing up again.

Of course, he finds it all amusing. I mean so amusing that he’ll go out of his way to drive me by this statue. Luckily, the Tar Pits stink, so I know well in advance what he’s up to and avert my eyes. To which he chuckles. Glad to know I can amuse him.

And here’s Badger finally on his way to his family. Tell me that doesn’t just break your heart…

So what makes you cry?

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