Have You Read a Good Book Lately?

For this Sunday’s book club we’re all supposed to bring a couple of suggestions for next year’s list.  While I’ve read some good books this year, most have either been way fun and chick lit-y or they’ve been business books.

So I ask you, have you read any good books lately?  Care to recommend something?

9 thoughts on “Have You Read a Good Book Lately?

  1. brie

    I just finished reading “Oil!” the book that “There Will Be Blood” was loosely based on. It’s a long-ish read, but captivating. Plus, it all takes place in Southern California. One warning: it is WAY different from the film, so don’t go into it expecting to read what you saw on the big screen (unless you haven’t seen it, then that point is moot).

    I also just finished “When You Are Engulfed In Flames” by David Sedaris and I’m about halfway through “Towelhead” by Alicia Erian. “Towelhead” is a good book, but not amazing. An interesting and candid exploration of teenage sexuality as well as racism in early-90s America.

    My profession as an almost-soon-to-be-librarian is showing…

    Have a great book club!

  2. Kat

    The Historian, The Time Traveler’s Wife, A Thousand Splendid Suns, The History of Love – some of my favorites!

  3. Florinda

    Please excuse my self-promotion, but I do book reviews on my blog, and you can access them all through this post. You might get some ideas there. I also have a blogroll of book blogs in my sidebar.

    Recent reads I’d recommend: The Year of Fog and No One You Know, both by Michelle Richmond, and Matrimony by Joshua Henkin. If your book club picks Matrimony, you should contact the author through his blog; he likes to do phone chats about the book with book clubs. I also agree with Ami about anything by Jodi Picoult – her books usually fuel good discussions.

  4. LA Blogger Gal

    I’ll bring the whole list with me.  I’m not the best for suggesting stuff since I’m really all about losing myself in a book. I can’t stand when they’re all wordy and descriptive and to be honest…I love me some chicklit.  Always have.

    In the past we’ve done some of the following that we’re mentioned: some Jhumpa Lahiri, Water for Elephants and the TIme Traveler’s Wife (loved both of these).

    I think I’ve heard about the History of Love.  Or maybe we read it.  Was that about that Polish guy who wrote the book and his friend published it under his name?

  5. Karen S.

    Loving Frank by Nancy Horan

    The Story of a Marriage by Andrew Sean Greer (added bonus: short)

    Both excellent and should provide fodder for Book Group conversation

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