Wait, Where Did Fall Go?

Seriously, pumpkins are everywhere from our clothes, to our home decor to our food & drinks, but um…the cool weather just up and disappeared.  It’s seriously 96 degrees right now!  It was only predicted to be 90.  How does this happen?

The heat is just sucking everything out of me.  I have no will to do much of anything. I’d give in and take a nap, but even just sitting on the couch (with our whimpy AC blowing) is too hot – must be those damn feathers!  Yet another reason why I need to slipcover that damn thing already!  Even writing this my arm keeps sticking to the desktop.  What’s up with that?

There’s so much I should be focusing on.  I have tons of business-realated stuff to get to and a teleseminar to create.  Like I have time for this heat.  My pumpkin ice blended didn’t even help (ooh, but I do have some great CBTL news for my local readers…can you say gift cards? Stay Tuned…)

Maybe I’ll just settle for polishing my toes.  I bought a new chocolate reddish color from the fantabulous OPI, I’m Fondue of You.  Then again, I’m already wearing a fantabulous OPI shade, 20 Candles on My Cake. Oh, decisions, decisions.

I don’t care anymore, just bring back my cooler fall weather please!!!

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