National Coffee Day: Look Who Won Some Coffee Bean!

Look Who Won Some Coffee Bean!

#2 – Adrienne
#4 – Jennifer
#5 – Pegi
#6 – Sarah
#9 – Erin

Congratulations ladies!!


Shoot me an email with your address to “kat” here @ (or use what email you may already have) and I’ll get your $5 giftcard in the mail as soon as possible.

Happy National Coffee Day!!!

4 thoughts on “National Coffee Day: Look Who Won Some Coffee Bean!

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Yay Sarah!! I love giveaways, they’re also such fun.  Now um…didn’t you say you’d get my cup next time – LOL 😉  Speaking of, have you watched those Secret clips yet?

    Hiya Kim, sadly, you did just miss the giveaway.  I put the contest up on Friday and notified the winners today. I do love me some coffee, so I just might have to take you up on that coffee break the next time I’m out in Santa Monica.  We all know how much I love getting together with fun, smart women to chitchat over coffee 😉

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