Do You Work From Home?

What’s your secret?  How do you stay focused?

I’ve been working from home, on and off now for the past 8 or so years.  Basically, since I left teaching and started getting clients while in grad school.  Back then, my working from home consisted of a lot of writing.  Come to think of it, it still does. Only difference, I went from writing client reports and treatment plans to writing articles and blog posts.  Not all that different when you get down to it.

Some days are more challenging than others.  Today for instance…here it is, nearly 1:00pm and all I’ve managed to do is make my todo list, write two blog posts (including this one) and mail out some of the winning CBTL gift cards.  All I can seem to focus on is the fact that the apartment needs a serious vacuuming and I realy, really, really want to get that damn couch taken care of.  But while it’s cooler today, it’s still too hot for me to vacuum.  I’m just not really up for a sweat-fest right now.  Especially when I need to finish my newsletter for tomorrow (and the corresponding biz blog posts for the week) and get my biz autoresponders up and running.

So I ask those of you that work from home, how do you do it? How do you stay focuses and on task when you can see 1001 other things that you could be attending to?

5 thoughts on “Do You Work From Home?

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Great, so neither of you are any help LOL.  I’ll keep working at it.  Maybe I’ll have the solution and can not only bring on work-from-home bliss, but I’ll also hit paydirt. 

    Hey, it could happen.

  2. surfergrrl

    Yeah I’m having the same problem. I find a million other things to do before i actually start working. the upside is my house is really clean. 🙂

  3. karen

    honestly, i’ve had to commit to a co-working space in the city a few days a week, just to mix it up.  otherwise, i get too comfortable at home and either work all day (7am-10pm) or work a few hours and get sidetracked by other things around the house.  Haven’t found a balance yet…other than getting out of the house a few days.  Makes me a bit more productive when I’m at home.

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