Migraines Suck; Our Two Furry Boys Don’t

They especially suck when they take a week to actually develop into a migraine.  Until then, they’re just dull and annoying ache for days and let me tell you, that sucks too.  Last night my week of dull aches finally turned into a migraine.  Believe it or not, I was happy to finally have it turn into a full on migraine.  Once it turns, the days of dull aches and twinges go away.

I tried a new migraine medicine, Maxalt-mlt.  It’s one of those that dissolve on your tongue.  Gross.  I will say that it had a nice quick reaction time and I felt things subsiding pretty quickly.  But I realized it was only good if I was still.  Once I started to move (to head to bed), the painful throbbing started up.  So in the end, I still needed a Vicodin to cut the throbbing pain (and I hate that – thankfully these only happen once a month or so).

I did notice that the throbbing wasn’t as bad as it can get when I take the Imitrex.  I also noticed that it didn’t knock me out like the Imitrex usually does.  So all in all, this might be able to replace my Imitrex (which I try to avoid at all costs due to the onset of the throbbing and the fact that it knocks me out within an hour).  I think I’ll ask my doc for another sample to give it a try a little bit longer.

All of this makes me wonder…when we head to Ireland, do I have to have all my meds in their original bottles?  Or can I keep them in a pill case with just a printed out of my prescriptions?  The only one I’m really worried about is the hubs Ambien (for flying and sleeping) and my Vicodin (I really only need a couple as a “just in case”).  Anyone traveling internationally and have any idea on this?

You know what else sucks?  Hairballs. I think my cat has had a hairball attack every day for the past three days.  And of course they’re big and messy and gross.  Today’s lovely gift was left at the corner of the bed.  Half on the bed and half off.  Lovely. Now I need to wash the blanket.  Guess I can take it in tomorrow after the dreaded dentist along with my batch of sweaters.

You know what doesn’t suck?  When I am dealing with a sucky migraine, the boys know and will both snuggle tight with me in bed (regardless of the time of day).  All that love and healing energy is just divine!

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