The Santa Ana’s Have Returned

Which of course sadly means more fires.  Last night you could hear (and feel) those dry, hot winds blowing all sorts of debris around.

Right now there’s a pretty raving fire out in the Stevenson Ranch area.  That’s not all too far away (but no where near as close as any of the recent Griffith Park fires), so once the winds kick up again, we’ll probably start getting some ash and smoke.  Funny thing, last night I made the comment that someone started a fire at a nearby home.  I’m thinking now that I was wrong with that, and it was an actual brush fire instead.

The good news is that our rainy season isn’t that far off.  I believe it typically starts that last couple weeks in October.  So hopefully that will help with things.  Then again, we’re forcasted to be back in the 90’s on Tues and Weds.  I can’t say that I ever predicted that southern Californian weather would be anything like this.  Such a weird and interesting experience to say the least.

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