It’s Driving Me Crazy

I don’t know why, but anytime I’m sitting here at my computer, I smell gasoline.  It’s not on me (I didn’t buy any gas today and I’ve washed my hands a gazillion times).  It’s not on anything on the desk.  And the aroma totally comes and goes. It must be coming in from outside the back window, but they’re not doing anything out there.  Either way, it’s driving me crazy!

Let’s face it, there are other things I’d rather be focusing on then trying to find the hidden source of the gasoline smell.  Important stuff like where can I find warm gloves for me and a hat and scarf for the hubs that aren’t crazy expensive, but still somewhat cute.  And like why the hell there’s a site advertised on my LJ page?  And how can we  possibly have a $650 dental bill carrying over from September when the hubs only had a cleaning and a filling?!?!  How much does that shit cost WITH insurance???

Though to be completely honest, I have tons of work I should be doing to gear up for the upcoming batch of giveaways before we leave.  But I think I’ll worry about that tomorrow.  Fiddle dee dee…tomorrow is another day*.

*love, love, love Gone with the Wind.  One of my all time favorite books and movies.

2 thoughts on “It’s Driving Me Crazy

  1. Sayeh Pezeshki

    I can set you up with a Blue Cross plan or Safe Guard plan where your cleanings cost $5. PERIOD. No fees unless you have a sheisty dentist.

    Let me know,

    Sayeh M. Pezeshki

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    Thanks Sayeh.  Our dentist is on the up and up…I was just caught between insurance and procedures for both the hubs and myself.   All is good.

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