They Stole It!!

A while back I ordered a two pairs of Obama car magnets (one set for me, one set for the hubby).  One magnet was the simple “Obama” and the other was a round, “Vote for Change”.  The hubs and I were coming back from dinner and passed me car and dammit, my Obama magnet is gone!!  They stole it!

Of course, I have no idea who they might be.  But either way, that’s just rude.  I paid good money for my magnet, and we can’t have any signs on our windows or in our yard (or the landlords would probably freak) so it’s the least I could do.  Seems they no longer carry the magnets – maybe that’s why someone took mine.

Luckily, I still have one more “Vote for Change” magnet since it didn’t fit on the hub’s car.  Guess I’ll just have two of those then.  It still works considering the election is in mere days now.

Oh and great news…while checking my winter coat pockets looking for my winter gloves I found my Shure ear buds.  Woohoo!!!  I lost those babies, um…back in February or so I’d guess.  Glad to have them back in time for the Ireland trip.  They’re so much more comfortable than the standard iPod buds.

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