Catching Up with Old Friends

Just over 20 years ago I went to college right after high school when I was still back in Jersey.  I only went for two years because my family moved to GA and I lost in-state residency.  During those two years, I met one of the coolest people, my roommate, Fran.

After she got married 15 years ago we pretty much lost touch.  For a year or so, we tried to keep in touch, but eventually, due to changing emails (back in my Prodigy and AOL days) the ineveitalbe happened.   Needless to say, I’ve spent the past 10 or so years trying to track her down to no avail.

A week or so ago I got lucky.  Real lucky.  On a total fluke, I checked my old Hotmail account (typically spam-riddled).  On yet another fluke, I saw a message from and decided to read it.  Turns out, my old college roommate managed to find me.  A little further internet poking around and I found her Facebook page (she only just signed about a week before).

Catching up has been great.  I’ve been too crazy busy to call her (plus the east/west time difference and her work schedule), but we’ve been catching up through email.  I think my favorite part of the catching up process is the questions that bounce back and forth between us.  Well, that and the fact that even her mom was thrilled to hear from me and sent me an email as well.

Guess I won’t be bashing any more.  I used to laugh at everyone that would rave on and on about how much they love catching up with old high school and college friends through Facebook.  I guess I get it now. And I’ll admit it, it is pretty darn cool.

Have you caught up with anyone from your past through either one of those reunion/classmate sites or even Facebook?

2 thoughts on “Catching Up with Old Friends

  1. curlywurlygurly

    that’s cool that you and your roomie reconnected!  i don’t do the classmates or facebook stuff because i still talk to the people i liked back in “the day”. 

    my sister does both and gets emails from people who want to make sure they are doing better than everyone else–the same behavior from high school.  🙂

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  2. LA Blogger Gal

    I’m with you, I always felt that way about Facebook and whatnot as well.  All the more reason why I’ve never gone to a reunion.  I figure that I know who my friends are and how to stay on top of what’s going on in their lives.  And now that I’ve got my college roomie along for the ride, I’m good to go!

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