Let the NaBloPoMo Begin!


It’s officially day one of NaBloPoMo.  No, I won’t be counting off each and every day.  I just wanted to let you know that November 1st it all starts.  So while I sit and wait for the cat sitter to arrive, I’ll get in a quickie post.

How about a brief introduction for those newbies that might pop in?  Eh, better yet, just head on over to my About LA Blogger Gal page over there on the right (see the linky?) and check it out yourself.  Just know that I’ll be on vacation for part of NaBloPoMo (again, this year) so I can’t promise a new post every single day.  But I will what I can to get it done (hopefully, with the time change, time will be on my side).

November 1st is also the day that our 50 Days of Giveaways officially begins over at ConstantChatter.  But since I need to have plenty to post about while I’m gone, I thought I’d hold off on posting our press release here for a bit.  No biggie anyway since every contest will run for 4 weeks.  So there’s plenty of time to enter, regardless of when I post the specific details – but I will post it all in a day or two (probably the day we fly out).

I’m so thrilled that it finally looks like fall is here. We’ve been overcast and grey with spots of rain, both yesterday and today.  Mind you, we’re still forecasted to be in the mid-70’s, but cooler weather is just around the corner (as we leave, of course). First morning in a long time that I can really enjoy my morning tea.  Love that!

Okay, quick post is over. Must love the cat (and the jealous dog) a bit before the stranger arrives.  Hope to see you throughout NaBloPoMo.  And remember to leave comments (activating Comment Luv) so others can follow you back to your own blog.

4 thoughts on “Let the NaBloPoMo Begin!

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Hey Siz, I noticed that I was having issues logging into my account as well (and I don’t think it’s even the same account that I used last year – not really a fan of Ning so much).  They’re probably getting a lot of sign ups today.  Maybe try again later.  Then again, it’s not like you really need to join to participate, right?

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