Enjoying a Cuppa in Kinsale

We just finished our first Irish breakfast.  I’m not a huge fan of breakfast, so eggs and meats doesn’t really do all that much for me.  Instead, I’m inhaling the pot of tea.  Our hostess just left for an appointment but will be back shortly to send us on our way to Middleton (for whisky) and Cobh (for a little history).  Otherwise, we’re just planning to drive around to see what we see.

We did pretty well sleep wise – which was great since we barely slept on the plane.  We took about an hour and a half nap once we settled into the B&B.  So sleep went well last night until we got text messages at 4:00AM from our friend Mel (who we’ll be meeting up with in Dublin this weekend). She was checking in on our cat and wanted to let us know how he was doing.  We started tossing and turning and decided to take half an ambien to finish out the night.

The hubs still has some work to do each day.  Go figure.  The good news…he was finally able to finish his big project. Now he has to work on some contest stuff with Taylor Swift’s people (and yes, everyone knows he’s on vacation and yes, I know I married a workaholic – I got a workfree honeymoon, so I don’t complain).

Believe it or not, this is the reason I brought my own laptop.  I figure I’d have to do something to entertain myself from time to time.  Plus I wanted to be able to upload my own photos each day.  He’s being good though and promises that it will only be a couple of hours each day (which he’s breaking up between AM & PM).

Once the photos import (I’m doing that now), I’ll post up a few for ya.  By the time we settled into Kinsale, it was already early evening, so there aren’t anyphotos of the area. There are some nightshots of the city centre, but they don’t look like much.

Until then…I’m off to shower and start our day. And maybe find some more tea since I’ve emptied the pot!

There she sits waiting for us…

That’s Ireland down there!

Herbie was going to be in Ireland?? Why didn’t anyone tell us – LOL (we see him Tues)…

Attention!!! Drive on the leftside, dumbass! (I so need this reminder). Driving straight is easy, roundabouts are fine, turns in and out onto the street kill me!

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