Did I Mention That It’s Been Raining…ALL DAY?!?!

Luckily , we were able to have some dry weather during our walking tour of Kinsale. I’ve always enjoyed either taking the historical walking tours or ghost tours when I visit new cities. I love seeing things first hand while hearing the stories – be they sordid, gory and ghostly stories, or just the history and folklore. It must be the teacher in me (I get the same way at museums…give me the docent tour please).

Here are some photos from that tour…

This purple building was once the lighthouse and is actually the location of one of the two town wells from the early, Medieval, walled-city days.

Across the harbor looking towards the town of Kinsale.

Immediately after our tour, it starting raining and turned all sorts of blustery (as they say here).  So much so that we couldn’t even see James Fort in front of us – but we could see the water splashing up over the seawall on the way down the crazy, narrow hill from the fort (the big spot isn’t an orb, it’s a raindrop).

I just thought this was pretty and a bit picturesque.  The local “giant” lived here before joining the circus in Bath, England hence the name “The Giant Cottage”.

Seriously, outside of the obligatory food shots, this is my one and ONLY photo from Killarney. Just as I finished taking this photo, the rain starting coming down something fierce. Our jeans were completely drenched just walking from the car a block or two to the pub (thank goodness I splurged on those waterproof jackets with hoods!). It was so bad all day that the hubs refused to bring his camera anywhere outside the car so he doesn’t have any photos either. But man, Killarney sure was super crowded and super touristy, even in the rain (check out that dark sky).

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