What a Gift Giving Score!!

Headed out to Kohl’s earlier today – they’re having a “power shopping sale” with “2 days of our most powerful prices.”  I had a few gifts to pick up – family birthdays to be celebrated over Thanksgiving, baby shower, and friend’s birthday – so I figured I’d check out this powerful sale.

Man, total score.  Seriously, the entire store was on sale.  I managed to pick up three out of the four family birthday gifts, the baby shower gifts, three Christmas gifts, some Christmas decorations (needed a new wreath for the door) and something pretty for myself.  All of that was only $166.  While that might sound a bit pricey, I believe it was all a 30 – 55% off.  Total score and well worth the drive.

At this rate, I believe that I have most of my holiday shopping done.  All that really remains are the nephew gifts (have the neices already – thank you Will.I.Am and Grammy swag!) and the adult family member whose name I pick.  Add to that a couple of small friend gifts for my long distance friends and I’m done.

Believe it or not, times like this I actually miss working retail.

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