I’m Calling Quits on NaBloPoMo

The obligation of having to write daily just isn’t working for me.  Granted, there are only 8 days left and I could quite easily finish up, but really, what do I get out of it?

Last year it was a big deal.  A test if you will, to see if I could blog daily.  I was all sorts of proud of myself when I finished.  This year, not such a big deal.  It really felt like more of an obligation.  Then again, with three blogs and a massive contest event, it really was just another obligation.

Now that I’m pretty much settled in I’d like to go back to focusing on work.  I have articles I need to write.  Seminars I need to create.  Audio files that need to be edited.  Clients I need to work with.  I’m really more excited to focus on all of that than creating some drivel just so I can say “ta da! I blogged today.”

So having said that, I join the ranks of my fellow bloggers and move on with my November and I promise you, no more sucky, obligatory, but-I-gotta posts.  Can I get a WooHoo?!?!

4 thoughts on “I’m Calling Quits on NaBloPoMo

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Abby, you finished last year too didn’t you?  Just not as exciting the second time around, huh?

  2. sizzle

    I am selfishly glad that people are quitting it because it was making my Reader TOO FULL and I couldn’t keep up which made me feel like a failure.

    So, I thank you.

    sizzles last blog post..Proof

  3. LA Blogger Gal

    LOL Sizzle, you crack me up.  But it’s a good point – I noticed that my reader has been busy lately.  Then again, I’ve barely read or commented on any blogs for the past month or so.

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