Spent Sunday at Unique Los Angeles


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I got the spend Sunday immersed in the glorious world of KLEAN Bath & Body at the Unique Los Angeles. It was cool as hell. Kind of a cross between a craft fair and a trade or gift show. And considering it was held in the California Mart, it felt like a giant sample sale. Cool I tell ya!

I feel in love with about 13 different necklaces, but managed to walk out of there without purchasing one. I couldn’t decide and well, let’s be honest, I really didn’t need yet another, long silver, open-linked chain. I did leave with a way cool tee for my nephew from Johnny Cupcakes (I was a sucker for the packaging more than anything else). And if I had kids, I would have spent a small fortune on the adorable, yet funky and sassy stuff they had available.

Smart gal that I am, I made sure to wander around and pick up business cards. I’ll shoot out emails after the holidays to some of the vendors to see if they’d be interested in hosting contests for ’09. This could be a darn good thing. You know…when I find the spare time and all that.

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