Making the Christmas Cookies

Will someone kindly tell my cat (and his partner in crime, the dog) that cats do not like raw chocolate chip cookie dough? Please.  He’s driving me nuts.  Everything I get my hands in the batter to drop the cookies, he comes running into the kitchen meowing up a storm (all while the dog is at my feet begging and praying for me to drop the entire bowl).

Maybe it’s the cat’s fault for my overly flat cookies.flat-cookies Or it could just be because I forgot to add half the flour.  See, all that Food Network TV has paid off…I know that flat cookies = too little flour.  Who needs that Masters degree?!?!  Worse case, we crumble them up into ice cream.  All is good.

I’m also planning to whip up some cranberry oatmeal cookies for the hubs.  Then again, I don’t have enough sugar or butter, so I must head out to the grocery store first.  Technically, I must finish baking the chocolate chip cookies first,  seems as how I can’t trust the hubs to keep an eye on them, even with a timer, while he’s prancing strutting around playing his guitar – I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.

So what holiday cookies are on your list this season?


not-so-flat-cookiesEDITED TO ADD:  Much better since I added the extra flour

5 thoughts on “Making the Christmas Cookies

  1. Miss Attitude

    My chocolate chip cookies were really flat too.  Unfortunately I melted the butter too much, and I do it every time.
    I made butter cookies, peppermint bark and almond bark too!

  2. LA Blogger Gal

    CWG – you know, the butter was pretty soft.  But as you can tell between the two photos…more flour made all the difference in the world!

    Miss A – my grandmother used to make killer butter cookies.  I just don’t have the space to pull it off.  I’ve never made bark, but I love peppermint bark.  It looks like it’s easy enough to make, is it?

    Suffergrrl – you better believe even our flat, overly sweet & buttery flat cookies are long gone!  They were just fine 😉

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