Dinner Was Both Yummy and Easy

Even though the husband was home today, I spent a good chunk of the day driving across town to work with a client (and sitting in traffic on the way home).  So because I had no idea when I’d be home I thought today would be a perfect day to use the crockpot.  I made some mexican chicken, rice, beans and heated up some tortillas.  it was so yummy and simple I wanted to share…

  • one package of organic, skinless (boneless, who knew) chicken thighs
  • one half large jar of green salsa (medium)
  • one can of nibblet corn (added just the right amount of sweetness)

Layer them together in the crockpot in the order above and your good to go.  I added a can of seasoned beans and some Spanish rice (from the box) and it was tasty. The hubs is actually looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow before he heads into the office.

I’ve done the jar of salsa and chicken in the crockpot before and I think that it works much better with thighs than with breasts.  The thighs just fall apart and the breasts manage to be a little dry and flavorless, but it’s up to you.  I’ve also added black beans and served it over rice instead of serving the rice, beans and chicken separately like I did tonight.  The hubs commented that the salsa (

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