I Have Muffins!!!

Image by Me!

Too bad it took 20 minutes of the screaming of the smoke detector to get them.  No matter, I have yummy muffins made in my brand new, non-gas-leaking oven!

The best part, the apartment doesn’t feel crazy hot.  Then again, that could be because I have every window open, three fans running and a window exhaust all going on so the damn smoke detector would shut the hell up.  But even so, this could be a good thing.

Of course my landlords were wondering just what I was doing to set the damn thing off.  The wife didn’t seem to believe that just by using the oven our alarm goes crazy.  The husband got it though since he knows the damn thing is directly in the path of the stove.

Who cares though. I’m going to eat a muffin!!

PS – man that photo does not do my muffins any justice.  They really don’t look quite so squatty in real life, I assure you.

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