Twitter Can Be an Amazing Tool

I know for many, when it comes to Twitter, you etiher get it, or you don’t.  I’m fine with that.  In fact, many people can say the same for blogging, they either get it or they just don’t get it.  I have to say though, I think Twitter can not only be fun and good for business, but it can be one amazing tool.

  • First, you can sometimes meet some really cool people, that much like with blogging, can later become good friends.
  • You can get answers to basic questions like what to make for dinner or more newsworthy topics like double-checking that it was indeed an earthquake that just took place (I speak from personal experience here).
  • You can get product assistance with tools or software that you’ve purchased (@wordpress, @evernote, @quickbooks, @apple_news, @BlackBerry, @tivo and so, so much more).
  • You can network in your jammies all around the world on any topic from hobbies to brand loyalty to business.
  • You can actually speak to someone in customer service (@comcastcares, @dell, @starbucks, @thecoffeebean, @zappos, @dishnetwork, @jetblue, @sweetleaf and the list goes on).
  • You can get up to the moment news (@cnn, @cnnbrk, @msnbc, @foxnews, @ABCnews, @latimes, @bbcnews and yes, pretty much every local news network is on Twitter now as well as local police and fire departments like @LAFD).
  • You can rub elbows with the rich & famous (@jimmyfallon, @marthastewart, @britneyspears, @tonyrobbins, @sirdickbranson, @oliviamunn, @feliciaday, @JohnCleese, @PennJillette, @EddieIzzard, @Seth_Godin – along with many musicians and authors as well and still more joining daily).

What can’t you do on Twitter?  It really can be an amamzing tool.  And if you haven’t done so yet, feel free to friend me and join in on all the Twitter fun – @kat_taf

5 thoughts on “Twitter Can Be an Amazing Tool

  1. Sarah

    I’m a complete addict! Already hooked! And thanks for the list of new people and companies to follow.

    I also know that Twitter is so much faster than traditional news sources. When Sarah Palin was announced as the vp running mate, there was info about her all over Twitter way before I read anything in a newspaper or heard it on the air. Love the speed!

    And yes, the earthquake confirmations are great, too.

    Sarahs last blog post..Halloween Is Big At My House

  2. emma james

    It is completely addictive and I love it more each day. Without Twitter, I might not have ever found your blog and I’m so glad I did! You forgot, too, that Twitter is a great way to make yourself feel more witty than you otherwise might be, which (in my experience) is a great high.

    emma jamess last blog post..Pleasure Finds Friday: Bouquet Chair

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