It’s the Living in Limbo that Gets to Me

Off hand, I don’t recall if I mentioned it here or not, but I applied for a part-time teaching gig.  It was totally up my alley using all my past life skills: teaching, working with the developmentally disabled and computer and social media skills.  I had the interview on Friday and accepted it later that evening.

Before I sent the email acceptance (the interviewer told me to email), I decided to do a quick calendar check to make sure I didn’t have any major conflicts.  Well, turns out I had two. One in early April for the hub’s birthday, a quick drive up to San Jose and the Springsteen show.  The other is a speaking gig that I have down in Costa Mesa in early June.  I left the gal know that other than these two incidents, I was completely and fully available for the entire semester and would gladly accept the job.

Then came Monday.  She wrote back saying that she’s not sure she can give the job to someone that has to miss two days (mind you, it wasn’t asked at any time during the interview if I would be 100% available to attend every class).  Sounds like a silly thing, but the April date is only the second day of class and the June date is during finals, so I can see her point.  On the other hand, they’re hiring a week and a half before classes start and I think it’s a bit insane to think that someone, anyone won’t need a day off or get sick during the next three months.

While it’s painful, I told her that I would be willing to skip the April trip (and the incurring costs – which far exceed the salary). But since I’m one of the featured speakers for the event in June (an event that I booked months ago, months in advance) that it would be unprofessional to skip that event and I couldn’t do it.  Hopefully, she’ll see my willingness to commit to the job and she’ll acknowledge that while it might seem like a big deal, it really wouldn’t be and still let me take the job.

If it wasn’t through UCLA, I don’t think I’d want it as badly.  Thing is, this a not only a great opportunity for me, but it’s also something that I’d be good at and something I’m more than qualified to do.  Really, something I want to do.  A huge part of me misses teaching.

But this limbo, this waiting…it’s killing me.  I can’t schedule client appointments because I don’t know when I’ll need to head to campus to fill out my paperwork or when I’ll need to attend a meeting with the team or my co-teacher.  Same thing with other appointments.  I guess I can just schedule them for non-teaching days, but it just feels weird and that still won’t guarantee that I’d be available for a team meeting.  I also feel weird that I was so exciting and blabbed about it to friends and well, now there’s a possibility that it might not happen this semester – but could still happen next semester.

Life in limbo is tough on a gal.  Doesn’t help that I also dropped the hubby off at the airport earlier today for his SXSW trip.  I won’t be talking to him much while he’s gone since his day will be filled recording the acoustic sessions and his nights will be filled up with his shooting the bands during performances.  I look forward to when it’s all over though since I get a few days with him before he heads back to work.  Though there is still that possibility that he may be away again without me for the Bruce show.  Ugh, who knew a potential part-time, 3-hour job could create so much indecision and change.

Either way, please think some positive thoughts and send some good mojo my way.  Totally unrelated, but still very important…I have a new briefcase to break in!!

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  1. emma

    I’m so with you on this! Limbo kills me. I prefer to know everything, NOW. It rarely happens this way, but I still want it to, expect it to, and get very frustrated every single time it is otherwise. But I’m working on it.

    emmas last blog post..Parlez-Vous Francais

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