Home Alone

When you’re home alone, do you do things differently, or notice that things freak you out more than usual?

Home Alone

Granted, I also live with a will-bark-at-anything dog and a scaredy cat cat, but between the two, there’s a lot going on.  Last night, right before I fell asleep, I heard a strange sound in the kitchen.  It almost sounded like the back door opened.  Mind you, nothing from ether of the boys, so it must’ve all been in my head.  Then again this morning, another odd sound.  And still nothing from the alarm boys.

So it got me thinking, when you’re home alone, do you freak out a little more easily?  I notice I’m more willing to lock the door than I am on any other, typical day.  Last night, I actually even wondered why we don’t have additional deadbolts on the doors – something that isn’t even a concern on any other night.  I also notice that I’m more likely to close the blinds and windows.  Which of course is crazy because it’s really not any different than any other day or night.

So I ask you, do you do anything differently when you’re home alone?*

*Like maybe not announcing to the blogosphere that you’re home alone?

3 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Sarah

    haha I totally do all of that. I also whistle while I’m in the shower if I’m home alone because I hope if a burgler breaks in while I’m showering, he will hear my whistling and feel too bad for me to kill me. Sick, I know 😛

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