What Goes Into Launching a New Burger

All it takes is bourbon! Woohoo for bourbon!

I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the new Carl’s Jr Bourbon Burger. It was class all the way (as you can tell from the photos below) at the Crown bar in Santa Monica. They had bourbon cocktails available. Bourbon burgers, fries and onion rings passed around. They even had Laker Girls and cigars. It was awesome!




I think my favorite part of the evening was chatting up the team from AttentionSpanTV (three of the guys are in the photo above). These guys are not only the brains behind the recent Carl’s Jr commercials (they’re even edgier when you watch the ones on the web versus those that air on TV). But these guys are also the brains behind the Dorm-Life web series and Sock Tube Presents adaptations of classic movies.

These guys are good. Definitely something to keep an eye on. Be sure to check out the Slumdog Millionaire adaptation.

Tonight, I also think that I may have found my new girl crush. I never thought that anything could replace that Charlize Theron J’Adore Dior video. Talk about H.O.T.

Let me start by saying…I get a kick out of the Carl’s Jr commercials. I thought the Paris Hilton commercial was genius. Let’s face it though, I’m not their target audience. I’m not the “young hungry guy.” But wow, again…H.O.T.

In closing…it’s good to be a blogger!! Thanks Tara for the hookup. Fun was had by all.

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  1. katelin

    i’m so bummed i couldn’t make it to the party. too early for me to make it from work, but glad you had fun, looks like it was a good time.

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