It’s Official, I Have NO Style

A friend of mine is in the process of taking her personal styling biz virtual.  She put out the call asking for people willing to be a “type.”  I volunteered for the plus-size gal that works from home, but still needs to look good when she’s out and about with people either networking, training or teaching.

Easy peasy, right? One would think.

I needed to provide four looks for her: schlep-wear, casual wear, business wear and something dressier.  Schlep-wear will be easy considering this is my every day attire – I’m sure Oprah would be mortified.  I actually didn’t take this one yet since my favorite yoga pants are still drying.  I plan to break the no-gym-wear-out-of-the-gym rule and wear them for the drive today (since it’s six hours in the car with a dog on my lap).

Thing is, I realized that when you come down to it, I seem to have have no real sense of style.  I consider the dress I wore yesterday for my first day of teaching (sans the cami to cover the cleavage) – also the dress I wore to my husband’s birthday dinner and out to a bar for the Carl’s Jr. launch party to be my “dressy” outfit.  Um…dinner, teaching, happy hour and I consider it dressy?  Well, not go to a wedding dressy (that’s a once a year sort of dress) or black tie dressy (I have nothing for that), but well, dressy by my paltry standards.  But really, even I know that’s just wrong.

Then, the worse part, I tried on a couple different outfits that I’ve worn for networking, dinners out, hanging with friends and even teaching workshops and well, I looked the same in all of them.  Like no difference kind of the same.  Which means my casual and my business casual are pretty much identical.

How can this be?  How can every outfit look the same?  How could I have lost such touch with reality?  Well, I guess working from home for 5 or so years can do that to a gal.  It may be embarrassing to admit, but with the help of my stylist, I too can get some style (and help someother poor plus-sized, work from home soul out there to get some help as well).

3 thoughts on “It’s Official, I Have NO Style

  1. emma

    I have the same problem! I have no idea how I could possibly find 4 different looks in my closet. My entire wardrobe (notice I do NOT say “fashion sense”) revolves around jeans, tank tops and hoodies. Embarrassing, given the amount of years I’ve carried this “look.” I have no sense of fashion. Scarves intimidate me. Look forward to seeing what you discover in consultation!

    emmas last blog post..Most Pleasurables: March 2009

  2. curlywurlygurly

    don’t fret…i think most people are just like you (unless you live in one of the big metro areas…which i guess you do!). i just wear what is comfy and accessorize with necklaces, bags, shoes, etc. snappy shoes can make jeans and a black shirt into a cool outfit. seriously! (not that i am a fashion maven at all–i wear dark jeans and black shirts all the time. that’s my fashion statement. hee hee.

    curlywurlygurlys last blog post..The Joke’s on YOU! Happy April Fool’s Day!

  3. Wendy

    Yes, you have it all wrong. Here is how it goes (because I’m an expert at work-at-home-wear:

    1) Every day work at home attire = pajamas

    2) Casual wear = Option A: bra with pajamas or Option B: T-shirt and sweats or cutoffs

    3) Business casual = Slacks and nice top in colors

    4) Dressy = Skirt and nice top in black with jewelry

    5) Formal = Stay home, hide in pajamas (see #1)

    See the subtle differences?? 🙂

    Wendys last blog post..More of the P-Word

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