I Can Not Believe it’s This Hot Already!


It’s not even May.  No wonder I was so damn lethargic today.

Right now, it’s hotter inside my apartment (88.9) than it is outside.  According to my thermometer it’s 85.3 in the front and 88 in our bedroom and that’s just nuts!  According to my Apple widget, it was 100 today.

100 degrees!  In April! This is almost as bad as those 90 degree days we had in January.

And dingalinga, let’s conserve energy me decided not to bother to turn on the AC.  I kept telling myself that it wasn’t hot, it was just warm and as long as I had a fan, I’d be fine.

Hell no, that wasn’t so! Tomorrow, the wimpy AC is on while I’m home the entire time.  I can’t get anything done when it’s damn near 90 inside.

And to think, I told my personal stylist (that I had to drop because I just got too busy with clients) that it would be too hot to remove all the clothes from my closet, try things on and off for an hour and then have to put everything away.  I think she thinks I was making the stiffling heat thing up and just using it as an excuse.  Nope.  I speak the truth! 😉  I am bummed that I had to stop working with her just when we were getting started though.

3 thoughts on “I Can Not Believe it’s This Hot Already!

  1. emma

    I spend all but 20 minutes of the beautiful day yesterday inside because it was so bloody hot. Plans for a hike – out. Plans to be nice to others on the road – out. Plans to conserve energy – out. Plans to not eat ice cream until July – out.

    But I still wouldn’t trade LA weather for the world.

    emmas last blog post..Going Green

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