We Have a Party!

Or more to the point, I finally have my restaurant reserved. It will be out on this amazing patio. I’m SO excited!

I have to stop by there tonight to go over the menu and talk booze. From there I can order the cake. And then take a deep breath.


Our anniversary weekend was great. We had a lovely dinner on Friday (our actual anniversary). The food was amazing, but the ambiance was not exactly what I was expecting. Then again, I’m sure if there wasn’t a woohooing table full of gals right next to us, it probably would have been lovely.

Saturday we headed to the beach. We took the pupster out with us thinking he’d enjoy walking along the beach. We tried to find the whale park in Palos Verdes (the Interpretive Center), but between the fog and the lack of directions, we never made it there.

We did pick up some pizza slices for a showdown between the two top places in Rendondo. We took our slices out to a bench just off the strand and relaxed. It was so nice to just walk around and talk about both business and life. It was great.

Then last night, the hubby decided that he wanted to go to Palate (where we went for his birthday) to try their Prix Fixe Sunday Dinner. And of course a cheese plate! It was amazing and exactly the way to end our anniversary celebration.

Overall, it was a great weekend. And now this week I need to focus, focus, focus and get to work…

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