In Response to My RSVP Rant

I realize that my RSVP rant from the other day might have sounded like I was passively aggressively calling people out.  Trust me, I wasn’t.  Really, I’m just ranting about the RSVP process as a whole and all the seeming frustration its creating. The lack of any response thing is just something that I don’t get.  Again, to me it’s just rude.

And yes, I know (and stated as such) that people are busy and can’t always make plans a week in advance.  Life happens.  Shit happens.  We all have busy lives.  I do get it.  I have noticed (and others have said as much) that the lack of RSVP protocol seems to be rampant here in LA.  This is most definitely NOT something that would happen in the south.  And well, in NM, you don’t even both with invites at all (and people show up to weddings in jeans, sneakers and cowboy hats).

When it comes to party planning and RSVPs, my theory has always been that it’s better to let the person know what’s going on and to be a maybe than to be someone that is never heard from and just shows up at the last minute and throws everything for a loop. It makes the shopping and the details much easier and less of a last-minute-insanity for the planner or hostess.  Which of course is how the whole RSVP concept came about anyway when you think about it.

And of course, personally, I was (and still am) seemingly frustrated beyond belief knowing that I have yet to confirm even the choice of the restaurant because I was waiting on a head count.  And to be honest, I don’t even have a backup plan if the place I want can’t work with me on such short notice.  That’s not even counting the fact that I’ll be left running around this week to rush order a cake and drive around to get prices on the alcohol – both of which I can’t yet do because I haven’t yet confirmed the restaurant, so I don’t yet know the corkage or dessert cutting fees.

So if I offended anyone or if anyone felt that they in particular were being singled out by my sharing my thoughts and frustrations, I do apologize for that wasn’t my intent.

That said, I don’t apologize for taking the time to share my thoughts here.  It is my blog and it’s my space to say what’s on my mind. If you know me at all, you know that I’m a planner kind of gal, so this fly by the seat of my pants thing is so out of my comfort zone and drives me crazy (see anything involving family get-togethers).  Outside of family, I’m rarely left with so many unknowns when it comes to planning an event.

I’m also aware enough to know that it’s my shit.  And I’m dealing with it as best I can…by writing about it, here, in my blog knowing full well that friends will read what I write.  And more importantly, taking a risk knowing full well that some of my friends might even make assumptions that I’m writing about them.

But have no fear, the anniversery weekend celebration is coming along awesomely. And the birthday festivities will be starting days before the party commences. So I’m sure I’ll be my happy, perky, love the world self by the time Saturday rolls along and will have long forgotten this mess and all its seeming frustrations. Especially if I can find the time to sneak in some birthday spa time 😉

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