Some Random Thoughts After Birth-iversary Week

Man, what a week it’s been.  It’s officially over though, so don’t worry.  No more talk of anniversaries or birthdays (though there is still the family  celebration to come in June or so).  It has been wonderful though.  Five fun-filled years with the coolest of cool guys and celebrating forty and sharing it all with friends.  Just awesome, I tell ya. I may get some photos up later today, it all depends on how much work I can get done.

On to the randomish thoughts…

  • I got my nails done on Friday so I’d have pretty nails for my dinner.  It worked, they looked amazing.  As you know, manicures don’t seem to last too long on me, so I actually showered on Saturday wearing rubber gloves.  I woke up this morning and yes, you guessed it, three of my nails are already chipped.  It was fun while it lasted I guess.
  • I had a very odd dream about tea last night.  For some reason, there were timers set up to cups of tea and no one else knew why.  I’m sure there was more than that, but it was just such an odd dream overall, I’ll just g’head and blame Naja over at Naja Tea for posting about her tea on her Facebook page (and trust me, it IS some yummy tea).
  • It’s surprisingly cool today.  Though I was wasn’t expecting it, I’m actually quite enjoying it.  It made for a pleasant, if not chilly night last night too.  But I’ll take it over those 100+ days that I just know are right around the corner.
  • To finish up the birth-iversary celebrations, we went to McCabe’s last night to see Carrie Rodriquez.  She was incredible!  She added some attitude and sass to a couple of her songs that I just loved.  If you haven’t heard her yet, check out the LiveDaily Session she did with my husband last summer when her album came out.
  • Watching Carrie play her violin and other four-stringed, guitar-like instruments makes me wish that I’d continued playing violin when I was younger.  I wasn’t a fan of playing the classical stuff, but I used to love playing Blondie on my violin.  I I’d known then that there are ways I could have play the violin and still rocked out, I think I would have kept going with it.  To this day, I love watching both violinists and fiddle players doing their stuff.  When it’s classical, it’s pure beauty.  When it’s more rockin’ it’s the energy behind the song.  Either way, I love it.
  • I’m not really enjoying our book club book this month.  It’s a British book called The Reading Group.  It has far too many characters to keep straight and well, to be honest, I find it to be a bit too boring, bordering on depressing.  I just can’t really get into it.
  • I’m going to be getting an assistant soon (and once I said this out loud, the annoying twitching immediately stopped – love that).  My plan is to have the assistant work on the contests and updating the blog and then I can focus on my clients and my other two blogs (including this one). It should also help me to find the energy to finally do the redesign on the CC homepage.  Overall, it should work out well.
  • I don’t think I’ve ready ANY blogs in the past two or so weeks.  Wait, that’s not completely true, I subscribe to 3 business blogs and I read those when they come in.  But that’s about it.  I really need to pop on over and see what you all have been up to (especially if I don’t follow you on Facebook).

I’m sure I have much more pointless crap sheer geniusness just swimming around in my head to bore you to tears with share, but I’ve got tons to get to today.  So as much as I’d like to hang out and chat blog, I must step away.

Feel free to give me a twitterized version (I won’t hold you to a 140 character limit) of what you’ve been up to in the comments 😉

PS – I haven’t reread this post for typos or poor grammar so I apologize in advance.

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