Talk About What Not to Wear

Did you ever have one of those days where you were totally focused at home, working like a worker bee, lounging about in well, lounge wear? I had no intention of leaving the house. I mean, I had work to do so it didn’t really matter what I was wearing, right?

I’m sure you see where this is about to go…

Then it was time take a late afternoon lunch break (and I was given shit for my bowl of Spaghetti O’s from quite a few). What a pleasant surprise to find yet another Real Housewives NYC waiting for me. Woohoo! I think to myself that this would be so much more enjoyable with a chai latte from Starbucks.

So off to the ‘Buckies I go. All is fine all is good. My chai is yummy. I get settled into the car to head back home and look down at my shirt.

Holy Shit!! It’s covered in schmutz and stains!

I was so focused on working all day (I set up a website and wrote an eBook) and I don’t think that I ever actually looked at myself in the mirror. I was all about being comfortable and focused. I did remember to at least brush my teeth, but no, not my hair.

What the hell.

All those fashionista-types tell us that even when working from home (or being a stay-at-home mom), you should still look good and you know, dressed. It’s like they knew that at some point we’d actually leave the house and be seen in public at some point.

Why oh why didn’t I listen?!?!

I keep telling myself that I’m just thankful that I don’t know all that many people that I’d be likely to run into accidentally. But considering I’m doing a lot more local networking, I could have easily, I mean FAR too easily been seen by someone I know and think how embarrassing that could’ve been.

So I’m going to tell myself that I learned a lesson in all of this and will 1) find comfortable clothes that actually look decent and 2) will be sure to look in the mirror before I even consider walking out the door. Better yet, maybe I’ll actually look in the mirror when I put clothes on!

Have you ever done something like this? Surely I can’t be alone here.

I’m not talking about looking back at old photos from the 80’s and thinking WTF – although who among us hasn’t done that before? But what about that whole having gone on with your day only to at some point look at yourself and have a “how the hell did I think this worked?” kind of moment?

4 thoughts on “Talk About What Not to Wear

  1. Surfergrrl

    you’re talking to the wrong person. i practically live in workout shorts and tank tops these days. and i’m usually covered in sand from head to toe. sometimes i go out that way after practice. nice!

    Surfergrrls last blog post..Behind

  2. Sydne

    So funny. But it happens to the best of us. The other day at work I was bending down to get something out of the community fridge and somehow managed to spill water UP my skirt. Let’s just say it looked like I had a “little accident.” I didn’t leave my desk until it dried.

    And I’m a “fashionista” who writes her blog in very old sweats. When it’s just you and your dog, there’s no reason to look like a model. The trick is just to have something acceptable looking close by in case you need to step out of the house for a quick latte.

    Sydnes last blog post..Hot Legs! Rating Glam Celebrity Gams at the MTV Movie Awards

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