I’m a Celebrity My Ass!

“If you give me a script, I’ll do what you want. I’m not a reality star. I’m on ‘The Hills.‘”

Okay, so who watched it? 

We’re running kinda low on quality TV so the hubs set up bunch of shows to record. One of which was “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.” I have no complaints about the show itself, seems like an interesting concept and a pretty decent group of people.


Except for the newlywedded douchbags, Speidi. Okay, confession time, I’ve been watching the Hills since the beginning and I can’t say that I’ve ever liked these two.

They’re total star fuckers and enjoy nothing more than fucking themselves and each other. They think so damn highly of themselves they actually said that the other “celebrities” on the show were devaluing them.

Who says shit like that?

The funny part, they couldn’t even make it through the first day. First they had their initial “we’re leaving” moment where they whined to the producers how horrible it is there and how D list the people are. Then they wandered away from camp too long and the rest of the teams divied up their stuff (awesome moment!)

Then they came back, said they’d be in it for the long haul, blah, blah. Well, turns out once the cameras turned off for the night, they’re gone! TMZ reports they’ve left the show.

The students are arriving…will finish after class.

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