My Dog is Refusing to Eat

No, not because he’s not feeling well.  Not because he’s not hungry. He’ll go to his bowl and nibble on some kibble when the mood strikes.  But he won’t actually take the time to EAT his food.  He’s going on his second round of two days without eating (just nibbling).

It seems he’s refusing to eat because he’s fallen in love with a sample of some dehydrated food from The Honest Kitchen.  So much so that when he hears the rustle of the sample bag he comes running. The good news…it’s all good for you stuff.  And in theory, I believe it costs less than his current Natural Balance kibble (which the cat loves to eat).

So today I broke down and picked up a box.  I figure I’ll mix it up with his kibble so he wouldn’t be eating just soft food. Thing is, this could come back to bite me in the ass when we’re traveling and he’s with us or when we board him.  Then again, just having to add water to some dehydrated food might not be so difficult when traveling.

Of course, now I’m scared to have the cat try their dehydrated food.  He yells at me enough when I feed him his wet food.

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