I Can’t Believe it’s This Cold in June!

Seriously, I’m sitting here in my slippers and a fleece sweater thingie.  Granted, there are still windows open here in the apartment as well, but most are closed.  My widget says it’s only 65 degrees out.  In June.  In Los Angeles.

That’s just insane.

And I think it might be giving me a migraine.  Or the overcast skies are.  Or maybe it’s all the coffee I had earlier at a brunch meeting.  Either way, I’m cold and feeling some migraine twitching.  And I seem to be having some challenges focusing – caffeine? migraine? Shivers?  Hell if I know the reason.

Of course, this totally messes up my whole wardrobe choices for tomorrow’s speaking gig.  I mean if it’s 65 here and it’s not going to be much warmer in Costa Mesa tomorrow. It’s typically about 5-10 degrees cooler when you head south and towards the ocean (though we only seem to be a couple of degrees off right now).  Either way, I’m so not looking forward to it.

Will that stop me from wearing my cute new outfit?  Hell no.  But it certainly won’t make me happy.

Now back to work…

1 thought on “I Can’t Believe it’s This Cold in June!

  1. emma

    I completely relate. This weather makes me want just to stay in bed. I lose all motivation. How do those people in colder climates do it? Ugh.

    Hope you don’t freeze too much. But fashion over comfort – yay!

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