And the Results Are In…

My fabulous doctor called while I was out last night (yes, she truly is fabulous and I can’t recommend her enough and yes, that call was afterhours at 8:30PM!). She had the results from Monday’s CT scan.

Get this…no polyps, but I apparently have a sinus infection! Yes, you read that right…as sinus infection.

No, I don’t feel like I have a sinus infection. But I guess, kinda like I’ve been saying all along, that my head is still all congested and something is still going on in my sinuses. Guess that would explain why my ears always clog whenever I drive up any sort of incline.

So the next plan of action is to see an ear, nose and throat doctor. My doc mentioned something about “getting scraped” and well, that sounds kinda scary. I mean, I may be wrong here, but I don’t any sort of direct passage to my sinuses. And well, that just sounds a bit painful. I’ll learn more at my appointment next week.

I just know that I’ll be thrilled to not have to deal with all this damn congestion any more. I’m sure it will cut down on the sinus pressure-related headaches I seem to get as well. Woohoo!

And speaking of all this sinus crap…I do seem to be a bit fuzzy headed today and I think (after my successful teleseminar) that a nap is priority #1.

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