I’m Happy in a Love Like This

taken the night of my going away party in Jan '03

taken the night of my going away party in Jan '03

My husband I met 8 years ago this past Memorial Day weekend.  I was out here in LA at a party, sort of a grad school graduation gift to myself and well…there he was.  We dated, long distance for the first two or so years.  During that time, each time we got together, no matter what state we were in, he’d make me a mixed CD.

Earlier today I was cleaning up the kitchen and found one of the CDs he made back in September ’03.  By this time, I had already made the move here to LA and we were deep into making our wedding plans.

Listening to this CD today, you can most definitely tell where his thoughts were.  Every song is a love song.  In fact, one song we used as our first dance.  Another song we used for my walk down the aisle. Yet another that we used for one of our readings (as read by his ex-girlfriend and her husband, our dear friends).

Some need gold and some need diamond rings
Or a drug to take away the pain that living brings
A promise of a better world to come
When whatever here is done
I don’t need that sky of blue
All I know’s since I found you, I’m happy when I’m in your arms
Happy, darling, come the dark
Happy when I taste your kiss
I’m happy in a love like this*

This CD is the perfect mix of some of my favorites and some of his.  Many songs that to this day still bring tears to my eyes.  In fact, I remember getting teary eyed as we listened to the mix.  Just beautiful.

There’s nothing special about today.  It’s not an anniversary of any sort.  Not even of our first date (that would be in two weeks).  It’s just a regular day and nothing to celebrate.

But on this day, I’m reminded of one of the many, many reasons I love my husband. Baby, it had to be you!

Cheesy, but true.

You may now resume your regular blog reading.  My apologies for the mushy love stuff.

*Lyrics from Happy by Bruce Springsteen

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