So About this Blogger Prom…

I’m really at a loss here because I have NO clue what to wear. It’s supposed to be all fun and kitschy with and emphasis on 80’s cheese. But um…the only thing I have readily available from the 80’s is my ability to biggify my Jersey Girl hair, black eyeliner and some fingerless lace gloves.

Really not sure about this. I mean, these guys are taking things WAY seriously. Times like this I wish I was Molly Ringwald or Scarlett O’Hara and could just whip up my own prom dress from some drapes or something.

I have to come up with something. I mean I MUST get into this party. Even the swag is beyond cool.

So I beg you all…please share your ideas to get this plus-sized gal (with very little time to scour the Salvation Army and Good Will type shops) into Blogger Prom. For what it’s worth…I can bedazzle of sorts with my bling that came with my Mighty MendIt (if I haven’t thrown it away).

8 thoughts on “So About this Blogger Prom…

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    You’re so sweet. When I say plus-sized, I do mean PLUS – LOL. I did just dig up my fingerless lace gloves from my prom…they’re not in the most pristine condition considering they’re over 20 years old! Must see if I have anything hanging about that I can bedazzle or something. Thing is, I recently cleared out the closets and garage in a massive purge, so there’s not much left behind.

  2. Steve

    ANYTHING with shoulder pads girl….You could wear jeans and make a fake oversized “Label” to put on the back pockets that say “Cemin de Fur”…remember them…or even “Vanderbilt” with that little swan and any loud top with SHOULDERPADS…and of course HUGE hair…just have fun….treat it like an eighties halloween and you’ll be fine.

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  3. Steve

    btw….I think it is 80’s cheese and wish I could go as someone’s arm candy…Julia (aka Kulia on twitter) is channeling Linda Evans with huge white plastic accessories…what a hoot.

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  4. LA Blogger Gal

    So you won’t be Julia’s +1? I’m not sure my +1 will be going for sure. I think the dress code is scaring her off a bit.

  5. Steve

    I wish I could be Julia’s arm candy and not sure if she is going with Kurt or not. I am in Washington State…but Julia is coming up on the 30th, first time I will have seen her in person since 1985! I am just getting my feet wet as far as blogging and only just heard about the prom…maybe next year…could be your arm candy perhaps….tell your plus+ it’s all in fun!
    Be sure to check out my blog! πŸ™‚

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  6. brie

    Do you have a biggish t-shirt? If you have (or buy) a baggy t-shirt, cut out the neck so you can do the off-the-shoulder thing, put on a bright coloured belt or a scarf around the waist and wear it with leggings. Put that big Jersey girl hair in a side pony at the top your head, a bunch of bracelets and those fingerless gloves and you’re good to go.

    bries last blog post..It’s the kind of thing that kids will be playing over and over again driving their parents crazy

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