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On Being Creative For the Sake of Being Creative

Lately, I’ve noticed two things…1) I’ve barely been taking the time to write here, in this blog.  And 2) that I’ve been really focusing a lot of time and energy around being creative. You know, doing art for the sake of art.

Funny how when you think about it, both are so closely related.  I mean, writing is clearly a form of expressing ones self creatively. Yet for some reason, while I’ve managed to write a weekly newsletter and weekly blog posts over on my business side of things, as well as create two books over the summer break, I’ve not carved out time to write over here.

I blame part of it on Facebook.  Before we had social media, the main way that bloggers shared our thoughts with the world was to blog about them.  And well, that took some time to do…you had to write it out, find photos (because they kept telling us that we need photos or our posts won’t ever get read), format it, pretty it up, and post it.  Then you had to wait for folks to find it and fingers-crossed, read it and leave a comment.

Then we had Facebook (which I’ll admit, I was way slow in getting into), where we could share whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted with our friends and we had instantaneous feedback in the form of comments or likes (or back in the good ol’ days, even dislikes).  And on Twitter, we had an even bigger audience to share anything and everything (as long as it was 140 characters) with the entire world.  Much like with our blogs, anyone could follow along.  Things went by so quickly on Twitter that it really didn’t matter if folks commented or retweeted or whatever, as long as you had those followers, you were golden.

Which is really just my way of saying that I kind of left the more personal side of blogging, for my social networks.  In particular, for Facebook.  You know where I could share any photo, story, article, or random thought.*  It’s so easy. Oh, how I love me some Facebook *sigh*

As for that “creativity” thing…this is something that I’ve actually been leaning into for the past couple years. I’ve read books. I’ve taken a couple classes.  I’ve picked up art supplies to play with.  I’ve taken my camera everywhere (and now I’m rarely without one thanks to my iPhone). I’ve written, drawn, stamped, colored, painted, taped, glued, and sparkled.

Yet, I still find that I struggle with this concept a bit.

Lately, I’ve gotten more comfortable with the fact that while I might never call myself an artist (let along an artiste!), as an entrepreneur and a writer, I AM creative.  When you think about it, one can’t create a business if they’re not creative.  The mere process of running your business, setting up the systems, creating the products and services…that’s all a creative, artistic process.

I don’t think I really understood that fully until I read Tara Gentile’s The Art of Earning.  She goes into a lot of explanation how the very process of earning income, is an artistic process.  Essentially going on to say that when you get down to it, living life is a creative process.

And this makes sense to me.

As a teacher, I think it’s really important to get our children comfortable with creativity.  Not just art and music.  But the outside of the box thinking that is necessary to succeed in life and business.  The sports, the dance, the story telling, the critical thinking.  All of it. It’s all part of embracing your creativity.

If you’d like to dig a little deeper and learn more about your creative side, I’d recommend you pick up Tara’s book (it’s only $3 for the digital copy – less than a latte at Starbucks).  I think it might get you looking at your daily experiences a little differently.


* if you’d like to follow along my FB journey of randomness, feel free. I don’t friends folks I don’t know, but you’re more than welcome to “subscribe” (and I do share things regularly that my subscribers can access).

So About this Blogger Prom…

I’m really at a loss here because I have NO clue what to wear. It’s supposed to be all fun and kitschy with and emphasis on 80’s cheese. But um…the only thing I have readily available from the 80’s is my ability to biggify my Jersey Girl hair, black eyeliner and some fingerless lace gloves.

Really not sure about this. I mean, these guys are taking things WAY seriously. Times like this I wish I was Molly Ringwald or Scarlett O’Hara and could just whip up my own prom dress from some drapes or something.

I have to come up with something. I mean I MUST get into this party. Even the swag is beyond cool.

So I beg you all…please share your ideas to get this plus-sized gal (with very little time to scour the Salvation Army and Good Will type shops) into Blogger Prom. For what it’s worth…I can bedazzle of sorts with my bling that came with my Mighty MendIt (if I haven’t thrown it away).

Calling All Those Creative Types

In typical LA Blogger Gal fashion, I decided spur of the moment that it would be cool, if not FUN to create an ad banner to put on other blogs advertising the 50 Days of Giving ConstantChatter contests. You’ve been registering for those daily prizes, right?  The 18″ pearls go live on Friday.

What was I thinking?!?! Thing is, while I know in theory what needs to be done…my creative juices just don’t seem to run that way. I open Photoshop, set the 150×200 parameters and well, I just go blank.  And then the frustration sets in.

So I ask of all those creative, DIY gals that I know are out there…1) can you point me in the direction of a good, and let’s be honest, simple tutorial that can explain how this creating-a-banner-thing works.  And 2) any chance you can offer up your expertise, no matter how you package it – tips, suggestions, idea, fonts, backgrounds, images…hell if I know.

I know it can’t be all that difficult.  I mean hundreds of thousands of kids create MySpace pages and avatars.  If they can do it, I can create a simple ad banner, right?   Anyone?  Please.

I Did It!!!

I made my very first scarf!!

My First Scarf

No before getting too excited, let’s remember that it’s a no-knit scarf. But I still did it! And I think I’m going to make one more too using this other bulky yarn that I have.

My suggestions, figure out a way to stick that baby still. I used binder clips to clip it onto foamcore. I was then able to hold the foam core between my legs (wrapping the scarf around as it got longer) while tying the knots. It reminded me of making those old embroidery floss, knotted bracelets back in middle school. Just like then, it took a bit to get the hang of the knot making, but once I got going it was easy work.

I also managed to bake 7 mini loaves of quick bread. I’ve got 2 banana nut, 2 banana and 3 orange cranberry (thanks Trader Joe’s for the mix). Now my freezer is nearly empty of our over-ripe bananas.

Holiday Loaves

I’d have baked one more batch, but I ran out of butter for the batter. Of course, I didn’t realize this before considering the entire reason I went to the store was to buy flour to make the damn bread – did I mention that I left $100 later?!?! Insanity, but I know have fixin’s for both Christmas and New Year’s dinners.

Post-Script – Gossip Girl is still one of my favorite shows this season.  I love it.


So I’ve been wanting to try my hand at knitting for quite some time.  Sadly, I seem to get hung up on my mistakes and my hands start to ache from holding on so tightly.  So while poking around the net for a brief bit today (and catching up on my local SnB community – post-holidays I’ll officially give this knitting thing another try) and came across this post over in Moonlight Stitches.

She stumbled upon this no-knit scarf.  Hello, no knitting, just tying knots.  I so can do that. I even have some cool, chunky charcoal grey yarn I can use that would just be perfect!

So guess what I’ll be doing today besides baking banana bread*.  Yep, I’ll be making a scarf.  Yeah baby!  And then I’ll actually be able to cross it off my 101 in 1001 list. I needed to sneak a peek at that list anyway since I have a feeling I may have done a thing or two on it already.

Yet another reason to love Martha!

* I’ll post photos of my handiwork when I’m finished 

Let’s Go Meet Crazy Aunt Purl

If anyone would like to join me at the Grove to see/hear Crazy Aunt Purl later today, you’re more than welcome.  We can do dinner or drinks or coffee too!  And if it helps to motivate and excite you, she’ll also be doing a raffle for a divorce gift basket (as seen here).

Come on, what could more fun, inspirational and social to do on a Thursday night?  You’ve got better plans?  Did I mention she’s crafty?!?

Thursday, October 11, 2007 at 7:30 p.m.
Los Angeles: Barnes & Noble at The Grove [Google Map]
Reading, Q&A session and book signing

I’m Doing It…

I’m learning to knit.  I broke down and ran out to not one, but three different stores today to pick up knitting supplies.  The first store (Joann’s) I picked up large, chunky yarn and big’ol needles, but sadly it was too dark and chunky for me to see what I was doing.

Then I ran out to a local little shop hoping to get some different yarn and an opinion on what I was doing.  I was doing it wrong, was what I was doing.  So I picked up some $7 wool (nothing inexpensive in this store, boy howdy – at least it was on sale) and practice with the gal helping.  Then I decided that chunky was still too difficult for me to see clearly since it’s all uneven, so I packed up and headed out again.

This time I hit up Michael’s.  I decided I just wanted basic, inexpensive yarn.  So I picked up a heathered oatmeal, medium worsted skein and a new set of size 8 needles (as the wrapper suggested).  And now, I seem to be doing much better with my double cast-on.  It moves smoother and I can definitely see my stitches more clearly.

I’ll just keep practicing with this.  I have a feeling I might be pulling things too tight though, we’ll see once I learn the knit stitch.  I also found someone local (gotta love MeetUp) that is up for meeting with me tomorrow to work with me a bit.  I’ll use my chunky stuff for when I’m ready to finally break down and knit a scarf.

I’m quite excited.  Thankfully, an online friend pointing me in the direction of where they have how-to videos.  For some reason, I find watching how to be much easier than reading how.  I do have to say, a friend told me to start cheap, but um, I’m not so sure this is much of an inexpensive beginning.

Okay, off to cast-on some more and then try my hand at knitting and then maybe purling.  This is just so freakin’ cool!