And the Doctor Says…

I had my appointment with the ear nose and throat doctor today. I have to say, it looks much better than I as originally led to believe.

Turns out I have cyst of some sort somewhere, but this is apparently common enough and not the cause of my chronic sinus infections. He seems to think that I just have some swelling that will need to be reduced (surgically, of course).

Luckily, I won’t have to have my sinus cavities scraped out. He’ll burn down the swelling and all will be good. This also means that the healing time is dramatically reduced. Yay!

So now I just need to get that insurance approval for the procedure and get things scheduled. So happy! Will be thrilled to not have to deal with this any longer.

Also seems that the “lump” in the back of my throat is some sort of bacterial growth on my tonsils or something. Totally gross and quite disgusting (he scraped some off and showed me). Seems that can be cleared up by simply washing my tonsils with peroxide and water (being shot directly at my tonsil using a child’s bulbous nasal sucker thingie).

Let me tell you, that’s the most painful and nasty thing I’ve ever had to do. And talk about a nasty aftertaste. But again, if it clears it up, then I’m all for it.

So if everything happens for a reason (even medical challenges), then I wonder what the reason for all this is. What’s been going on in my live that have I not been acknowledging for the past 5 or more years? I guess I’ll need to meditate on that for a while and see what comes up.

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